Some of the Challenges That Seniors Face in Indian Society

Ageing is inevitable, and with that comes some challenges that seniors in Indian society reportedly face. Many of these relate to their vulnerability to diseases and lack of income. Some of those challenges are:

Financial insecurity

Senior citizens might face financial hardship as they no longer have a regular income source. Their savings may not be enough to meet medical expenses, transportation costs, utility bills, house rent, and other expenses. The rise in medical inflation and lifestyle diseases have increased the importance of health insurance for senior citizens. They find it hard to manage their daily finances and sometimes cannot afford basic healthcare needs. Seniors also become easy targets for fraudsters and scammers. 


The older generation needs more healthcare services compared to the youngsters. Seniors battling chronic conditions need good medical support and assistance. However, elderly people face difficulties in having access to health services due to the presence of poor physical infrastructure. Accessibility issues often cause discomfort for seniors who live alone. 

Day-to-day difficulties

With age, their health deteriorates, and they face difficulties in carrying out everyday tasks. Seniors often look for assistance in such cases and are left disappointed when they cannot find it. Thus, they need programs that ensure safety, mobility, fitness, and good quality of life. 

Isolation and loneliness

Senior citizens are at higher risk of social disengagement and loneliness, which can seriously affect their health. They become vulnerable to various mental and physical conditions such as anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease, cognitive decline, depression, heart disease, and more. Older adults slowly adapt to societal changes, and as a result, they find themselves socially isolated.

Finding additional care

In old age, people become dependent and require additional care. Senior citizens find it difficult to get appropriate care.

So, it is in their best interest to secure senior citizens health insurance early in life to avoid financial hassles during possible medical emergencies.

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